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Christian Louboutin - Every Girl has to have a pair of these !

Suggestions for Wearing Neutral Shoes   

The beauty of neutral shoes is that you can mix and match them with nearly anything, ranging from an all neutral outfit (i.e. tan shoes with a variety of tan and cream pieces), to neutral accents for a bolder ensemble (i.e. gray shoes and belt with a purple suit).

Below are a few suggestions for how to pair different neutral shades with a variety of other colors, but remember these are only suggestions -- the best thing about neutrals is how versatile they are. To insure that the term "neutral" doesn't become synonymous with "boring," have fun, and try your neutral shoes with several different colors.

Clothing Color Suggestions for Neutral Shoes

Neutral Shoe ColorComplementaryHarmoniousDramatic
Black Shoesred, blue, purple, turquoise, greenall blacks and grayswhite or brights with black accents
Dark Gray Shoesnavy, dark red, purples, mid to dark yellowsall blacks, grays, whitesbright shades with other gray accents
Light Gray Shoeslight pink, light purples, chartreuse, light to mid yellowslight grays and whiteswhite with other gray accents
White Shoesany light neutral or pastel with other white accentsall whites and creams or graysbright shades with other white accents
Beige/Cream Shoesmedium pinks, greens, purples, turquoisesbrowns, tans and creamsblack or dark blue with other cream accents
Tan Shoesany mid-tone shadelight to mid neutralsbrights with other tan accents
Brown Shoesmid to dark earth tones like greens, rusts, burgundylighter browns and creamswhite or black with other brown accents

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